Guy Tremblay

 Fine Art Photography


I am a photographer who navigates the world of contemporary art
and not an artist who uses photography in his art.

Photography has become ubiquitous in my life; a real fascination. Inspired by masters such as Irving Penn, Emmet Gowin and Sally Mann, I push my research towards creating photographic prints with the highest aesthetic qualities. My photographic vision remains contemplative and essentially intuitive. I pay special attention to the space inhabited by my subjects as well as the quality of the ambient light. My practice stems from the rich photographic tradition, I try to situate it in a context of contemporary art by a reflection on the medium itself, to update it without distorting it. Fully assuming the influence of my predecessors, I want to go further in the completion of this art.

Over the years, I have acquired great technical expertise and refined my vision. My methodology remains simple, meticulous and without compromise. This must be perfectly mastered and free from any fault that could distract when reading the work. In my practice, silver or palladium prints essentially become works of art in their materiality, thus transcending the simple image. In order to achieve the optimum level of quality, I have developed a palladium printing modus operandi by including a digital intermediate step in this ancestral process. This very sharp technical development allows me to obtain consistency and results that were impossible to achieve before. It is when I shoot that I make my choices and it is in the darkroom that my vision takes shape and my message becomes clearer. The monochrome print becomes a real and timeless photographic object that stands out from the multitude of virtual color images that scroll across our computer screens. It offers a level of abstraction, of separation from reality that brings us back to the photographic object. I am constantly looking for new ways to express myself and to reinvent myself while using traditional techniques.

My practice has transformed over the years to become socially committed to causes close to my heart such as the environment and social inequalities. In my art, I invite the observer to take the time to rediscover, to re-evaluate the world in which we live. For me, the message conveyed strikes me as fundamental as the purity of its expression. In addition to being a pleasure for the eyes, I want my works to encourage reflection and provoke a reaction or touch sensitive chords in connection with the themes presented.

photo Guy Tremblay

(My first enlarger, fifty years ago)