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Good visual documentation must always accompany your tools promotion (Portfolio, website, catalogue ...) or your requests in the part of a file call. This training will allow artists visual arts and craft to document their work well, that either paintings or objects. The quality of your images is paramount and it is necessary to devote special attention to ensure that your works are appreciated.

Place and date :

Montréal, L'imprimerie, Sunday March 13 2022

3910 Sainte-Catherine Est
Montréal H1W 2G4
Tél. : 514-360-1244

Reference Guide (in French only) :

The new version of the reference guide "Comment photographier ses œuvres d'art" is now available online here:

Guide Version 2021



How to create artistically revealing portraits

Identify the different types of portraits such as the studio portrait, the documentary or environmental portrait, etc. Although different techniques will be discussed, the course will focus on the attitude to have, the relationship of confidence with the subject and how to prepare and make the most of a session of portrait. Different styles will be explained and participants will be able to experiment different approaches during the two days training and at home between these two days.

Place and dates: To be confirmed

Conference at UTA:

When photographic art becomes committed

This conference will address committed photography through different works. The speaker, photographer emeritus, will present several of his committed photographic series by revealing its intentions and motivations as well as their impact on the community.

Place and date:

Sherbrooke 11 November 2021
Victoriaville 27 October 2022
Plessisville 27 October 2022
Lac Mégantic 01 February 2023


Guy Tremblay is a professional artist working in photography. Known for the quality of his prints, he has an extensive technical expertise. Still photographer and darkroom expert, he masters the film as well as digital technology. He gave several workshops addressing photographic technique as much as artistic vision.

Guy Tremblay