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Good visual documentation must always accompany your tools promotion (Portfolio, website, catalogue ...) or your requests in the part of a file call. This training will allow artists visual arts and craft to document their work well, that either paintings or objects. The quality of your images is paramount and it is necessary to devote special attention to ensure that your works are appreciated.

Place and date :

New dates to be confirmed for 2024

Reference Guide (in French only) :

The new version of the reference guide "Comment photographier ses œuvres d'art" is now available online here:

Guide Version 2021

Photo Cohort 2024 - Winter 2024 Session

In collaboration with the Conseil de la culture de l'Estrie


Class 1 : Creativity, style and vision

Goal: Know the first steps in creating a photographic series

- Identify the basics of artistic photography.
- Know the first steps in creating a photographic series.
- Learn to work with an artist's notebook.
- Situate your practice in the visual arts ecosystem.
- Define your own style.
- Know how to preview the final product.
- Practical exercise No. 1

Class 2 : Inspiration and influences

Goal: Learn about the work of a variety of current and past recognized photographers

- Overview of the best in artistic photography. The trainer presents a multitude of examples of photographic approaches and styles from current and past masters in photography (the choice of examples will be based on the preferences of the group).
- Practical exercise No. 2

Class 3 : Photography versus contemporary art

Goal: Understand the place that photography occupies in contemporary arts

- Know how to position yourself in a post-photographic era in a current art ecosystem flooded with virtual images.
- Define your practice and possible avenues.
- Group discussion and sharing of participants' experiences.
- Know how to identify the places or broadcast media appropriate to your practice.

Class 4 : Technical upgrade adapted to your needs and start of a personal project

Goal: Ensure that all participants have the technical knowledge to achieve their goals

- Technical upgrade (only course that deals with technique).
- Sharing of knowledge and expertise between participants.

Class 5 : Collective critique (which may include a portfolio review)

Goal: Know how to evaluate the quality of your work and that of your colleagues

- Presentation of each person's work which may include a current or past project.
- Know how to evaluate your own work and that of others.
- Learn constructive criticism with the appropriate vocabulary.
- Know how to recognize when a photographic series is complete.

Class 6 : Reaching a professional level

Goal: Address the final stages before disseminating your art

- Last session of the cohort where participants will have to prepare to stand on their own two feet.
- The trainer will show each participant the steps to present their work to the right audience in a professional manner.

Location and dates: Sold out!

Photo Cohort 2024 - Spring 2024 Session

Location and dates: Details to come!

Conference at UTA:

When photographic art becomes committed

This conference will address committed photography through different works. The speaker, photographer emeritus, will present several of his committed photographic series by revealing its intentions and motivations as well as their impact on the community.

Place and date:

Sherbrooke 11 November 2021
Victoriaville 27 October 2022
Plessisville 27 October 2022
Lac Mégantic 01 February 2023


Guy Tremblay is a professional artist working in photography. Known for the quality of his prints, he has an extensive technical expertise. Still photographer and darkroom expert, he masters the film as well as digital technology. He gave several workshops addressing photographic technique as much as artistic vision.

Guy Tremblay