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I am a photographer who navigates in the world of contemporary art
and not an artist who uses photography in his art.


Artist Statement

Photography occupies a vital role in my life since my very early childhood. Today, it allows me to feel my world with a new level of consciousness and to express my emotions.

My work is simple, contemplative and often intuitive. I pay a singular attention to the space inhabited by my subjects and the quality of the light. I continually observe everything around me in order to create expressive images. I love rediscovering the world through my photos. The alternation between landscape and portrait allows me to take a step back that is beneficial in the development of my artistic research.

I attach a great importance to the intrinsic and aesthetic qualities of the photographic image. My technique is simple, thorough and uncompromising. In my work, photographic techniques must be well controlled and free of any fault that could affect the reading of the work. For me, gelatine silver prints or palladium prints are essentially works of art and not just images.

In my work, I invite the viewer to go beyond a precipitate look in order to appreciate the reality in another view. The use of black and white makes a timeless representation. It provides a level of abstraction from reality.

The art has a social dimension and the artist must be aware of their role in society. My art has evolved to become socially committed to the causes that are dear to my heart. I am always comfortable out of the box. The research aspect of contemporary art is increasingly present in my approach but I will always be a photographer.

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